Why Don’t You Have a Corporate Sponsor for That?

Are you currently self funding your programs and events or perhaps are they not a part of your business at all because you lack the cash flow to pull it off? Are you a personality that people follow online and offline because of your expertise and influence? Then why not partner with corporations through sponsorship in order to completely shift things in your business?

You see, corporate sponsors can REALLY move the needle in your business. For starters they have big budgets that can equal big revenue for you. Also leveraging your brand with their brand can improve your overall impact and influence in the marketplace. When done right you can even begin the year off in the profit zone BEFORE you ever sell anything! (I have a client that this happens for every year)

Now before you count yourself out and start naming all of the reasons why you’re not ready, or why they would not want to partner with you, let me stop you. The reality is they actually NEED you!

Corporations are always looking for ways to drive brand awareness and gain customers, especially in the commercial avoiding, billboard ignoring world we live in today. Since traditional advertising and marketing is no longer as effective they need more cutting-edge ways to continue to gain customers so they can be profitable.

That’s where you come in by providing them access to your target market that can become their future customers. And it goes beyond the obvious event sponsorship so no need to worry if you are not currently hosting live events. As long as you have several other ways to serve your target market, especially online, then you’re likely headed in the right direction to becoming a great partner to a corporate sponsor.

Your job is to demonstrate that you have adequate influence in the marketplace and can offer avenues to reach their target market beyond their current internal efforts. Here a several ways you can do that:

  • Track your marketing to demonstrate conversion. For example, how many of your Facebook ads convert followers into a paying client or customer?
  • Track engagement with your social media followers and people in your database. How many people share your posts, open your newsletters and participate in your contests?
  • Garner media coverage on radio, television and print for third party validation.
  • Have products and programs to serve your target market, both online and offline.


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