What You Must Understand About How Your Corporate Clients Think by Shayna Rattler

Being able to go inside the mind of your target customer will benefit you tremendously as a business owner. Understanding what motivates and drives them and what keeps them up at night will impact how you approach them and work with them.

Decision makers in Corporate America possess several mindsets but “I’m insanely busy and if I add one more thing to my day I will explode” is the most important for you to understand. Here are a few tips to help compensate for this situation:

  1. Keep emails and voice mails short and to the point
  2. Condense the length of your service to as little time as possible or deliver it in phases over time
  3. Hold off on contacting them until the end of the day or week to batch all issues, etc together

Additionally, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are the biggest stressors and pain points in your client’s day and how can your expertise, service, programs, or products directly help to alleviate those issues?
  2. What types of frustrations, bottlenecks, challenges or obstacles can help your clients eliminate?
  3. Ask plenty of questions up front to keep from “pestering” them or asking for yet another meeting or phone call


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