Upholding Christian Values in the Marketplace w/ Saundra Dalton-Smith

How do you thrive and find balance in the marketplace as Christian women leaders? In this episode of A God Shift, host Shayna Rattler welcomes Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, a board certified internal medicine physician and work-life integration researcher. Together, they explore how leaders can uphold Christian values and bridge the gap between the marketplace and ministry. Dr. Dalton-Smith shares valuable insight on how women leaders can lead effectively and embrace their best selves by prioritizing rest and breaking through self-imposed limitations. Listeners will discover practical tips for making the best use of their time in the workplace and ministry. Don’t miss this empowering conversation with Dr. Dalton-Smith!

We cover:

–The true definition of evangelism and how to help people transform their lives

–How to introduce the truth of the gospel in the marketplace without mentioning religion

–The top 2 lies you may be telling yourself that is keeping you stuck as a leader

–The #1 ingredient to be your best self as a leader

–Much more

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