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A God Shift with Shayna Rattler TV Show airs live every Thursday at 8pm EST

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Season 1 Episode 1–Destiny Blockers with guest, Jasmine Ryans
Season 1, Episode 2–The Difficulty of the Journey with guest, J.D. McCabe
Season 1, Episode 3–Fear Disguised As Faith with guest, Pastor Mia Wright
Season 1, Episode 4–The Danger of Filtering New Vision Through Old Perspective with guest, Jesse Cole
Season 1 Episode 5–Release What No Longer Serves You with guest, Stefani Farris
Season 1, Episode 6–Make Room For A Miracle with guest, Lisa Manyon
Season 1 Episode 7–Being Called To Something New with guest, David Ibrahim
Season 1, Episode 8–Determine God’s Will For Your Life with guest, Josh Kelley