The Truth Behind the Greatest Medical Deception w/ Sally Saxon

The pandemic may be over, but the aftermath is not! In today’s episode, we dive into the controversial and sensitive topic of the C0v!d v@xx!ne, as host Shayna Rattler engages in a candid conversation with guest Sally Saxon, a retired attorney and ordained Christian minister. Together, they explore the complexities and controversy surrounding the jab, shedding light on skepticism towards the pharmaceutical industry, the need for caution, and the search for truth in the midst of conflicting information. Both Shayna and Sally provide thought-provoking perspectives on topics such as the resulting injuries, the manipulation and deception surrounding the pandemic and v@xx!ne, and the spiritual and moral considerations at play. Join us as we navigate through a critical discussion that challenges conventional narratives and emphasizes the importance of faith, awareness, and informed decision-making.

We cover:

–The evil agenda behind the pandemic and shots

–The Biblical perspective to turn to

–How to tear down the walls that are keeping people from receiving the truth

–Much more…


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