The Deceptive Nature of Gender Dysphoria w/ Walt Heyer

Many people who undergo sex change surgery regret it! In this thought-provoking conversation, our host, Shayna Rattler, sits down with guest Walt Heyer to discuss the critical issue of gender dysphoria and the transgender phenomenon. They delve deep into the root causes of gender confusion and distress, shedding light on the impact of childhood trauma and adverse experiences. Walt shares his personal journey of undergoing sex reassignment and his subsequent regret, highlighting the detrimental effects of such procedures. The conversation also touches on the lack of psychological testing in gender reassignment, the negative consequences of the process, and the alarming governmental support for it. As the discussion unfolds, Walt provides valuable insights into advocacy, sharing upcoming projects aimed at preventing individuals from going through similar experiences. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of this crucial topic and discover the strides being made to bring about positive change.

We cover:

–The leading cause of gender confusion and distress

–The negative psychological and physical consequences after surgery

–Why our government supports this horrible phenomenon

–Much more

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