Do You Have What It Takes To Be Santa Claus To Your Potential Corporate Sponsors?

Christmas happens year-round when it comes to sponsorship… Your corporate sponsor has a wish list. Your job is to find out what is on it and show how sponsoring your stuff gives them the gifts they desire.

Inside of corporations, certain goals are being set and sponsoring your brand can help them meet their goals. They typically have business goals, marketing initiatives, and social initiatives.

I’m going to keep this super simple–ask them what their goals are around these areas and it’ll be easy for them to see that what you offer will help them meet those goals. I’ll break it down a little further:

  1. Business goals and marketing initiatives. Ask them what their overall goals and objects are this year and what target markets they are looking to reach. Your brand can likely help them sell more stuff by giving them access and exposure to a specific target market through your business.
  2. Social initiatives.  Most corporations give away a set amount of money each year for causes that are happening in the community. Does you brand have a community or social cause? Can you give a certain amount away to a cause that your sponsor can be mentioned alongside you?

Basically, ask what they want and give them what they want. They will give you a check in return.

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