Supplier Relationship Management is a Two-Way Street by Shayna Rattler

Are you doing everything you can, internally to ensure that your Supplier Relationship Management is serving your Supplier Diversity initiative?

I am active in many LinkedIn groups with Supplier Diversity professionals and quite often the topic comes up about the most effective way to measure supplier performance. When is the last time you have given your suppliers an opportunity to measure YOUR performance?

Relationships are a two-way street and feedback from both suppliers and buyers is critical to the current and future success of Supplier Diversity initiatives.  If there is no two-way communication, there is no relationship!

Granted, measuring supplier performance around KPI, etc is important but it is equally important to obtain feedback from your suppliers about YOUR performance as well. In my experience as a supplier diversity consultant, it is most effective to have this done by an objective, third-party.    

Receiving this feedback on a regular basis will lead to more effective relationships and improved supplier performance.

Share your thoughts below about how your company obtains objective feedback from suppliers….



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