What Sponsors Are The Best Fit For Your Brand?

All corporate sponsors are not created equal.  All corporate sponsors are not the best fit for your brand. There are, however, MANY that are on your level.

Depending on how long you’ve been in business, the level of authority you have in the marketplace, etc., the Fortune companies like Coca-Cola and Best Buy may not be the best sponsors to start with. BUT….what about the local banks and auto dealerships in your city that you already buy from? Perhaps the State Farm agent you’ve been paying for years? These companies also need access to additional customers and they may be easier for your first YES.

So rather than stay stuck, and wait until you’re “ready” for big sponsors, why not win on your level and start now?

Get your feet wet, work out the kinks and go for the big boys later when your they are more relevant for your brand.

Who will you target? Your check is waiting…..


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