Shaping the Future Through Faith and Politics w/ Bunni Pounds

Christians should absolutely be involved with politics! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, our host Shayna Rattler speaks with Bunni Pounds, the president and founder of Christians Engaged, about upholding Christian values and mobilizing others to do the same. The conversation delves into the importance of engaging in politics, the power of courage and obedience, and the impact that individuals can have by influencing systems and individuals in their own spheres of influence. Bunni shares her personal journey, insights from her book “Jesus and Politics,” and practical steps for Christians to pray, vote, and engage in shaping the future. Tune in to gain valuable wisdom on blending faith and politics to make a meaningful difference in the world.

We cover:

–The best way to blend grace and truth in interactions

–Why you don’t need to hear from God before you take action

–Recognizing and addressing the shifting perceptions of good and evil in society

–Much more…

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