The Power C’s of Events and How It Can Land Your First Corporate Sponsor

Attending events is one of the best ways to spend your time as a business owner, especially if you’re looking to land corporate sponsors.

Here’s why:

  • Content. What you can learn at an event can be critical to your personal and business growth. I highly recommend that you attend events that the content is teaching to the WEAKNESSES in your business, not what you already have a good handle on. If looking to land a corporate sponsor, what do you need to learn? Perhaps it is closing the sale or becoming an influencer on social media.
  • Context. If you’re looking for corporate sponsors it is highly probable that you will be hosting your own events so attending events is a great way to learn the context of events, i.e. how the event is marketed, what occurs at the event for attendees and how sponsors are highlighted.
  • Contacts. Research shows that a very large percentage of buying decisions at the corporate level begin with a face to face introduction so it’s important to attend events where employees of corporations attend so that you can begin to build your Rolodex of decision makers. SUPER TIP: Attend these events even when the attendees are NOT the decision maker for sponsorships. The person you meet can become your advocate and introduce you to the person who is responsible for sponsorships and now you can go in hot and not have to rely on cold calling.

Your homework is to research and make a list of 3 events you can attend in the next 30 days that can get you on the road to landing your first corporate sponsor. Consider industry events, events being put on by your local business journal or Chamber of Commerce, or events that you notice are being sponsored by corporations.


Happy hunting 🙂

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