Do NOT skip this step if you want corporate sponsors…

Corporate sponsorship is one of the most lucrative revenue streams available to influencers and business owners today. In fact, it is the only revenue stream you can tap into that does not require you to create anything new.

Unfortunately, much of the advice available for how to go after this new money is inaccurate and outdated. Most experts will tell you to create a great proposal and call on sponsors. While this is part of the process, it is not the most critical piece of the process. This is the area that makes what I teach different.

Here’s what you most know–if you do not focus on properly positioning your brand to get the attention of potential corporate sponsors, it won’t matter how great your proposal is because they will never see it!

This video will show you how to showcase your brand assets in a powerful way and corporate sponsors won’t be able to help but to want part of the action…

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