Politics, Values, and Cultural Clash w/ Jordan Wells

In this powerful episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler is joined by prophetic voice, ministry leader, and political figure, Jordan Wells. Together, they delve deep into the patterns of God raising prophets to speak to religious and political leaders. Throughout the conversation, Wells emphasizes the need to detox from cultural influences and highlights the impact of cultural worldviews on Christian leaders. They discuss the importance of speaking truth, even when faced with backlash or censorship, and provide insights into taking action to uphold Christian values in the face of societal challenges. From the spiritual battles Christians encounter to addressing societal issues with profound spiritual implications, Shayna and Jordan offer thought-provoking perspectives and vital solutions for upholding Christian values and shaping the future of America. This episode is a powerful call to prayer, action, and unwavering commitment to living out the truth of God’s word in our modern world.

We cover:

–The main causes of opposition to God

–How to know when there is a need to detox from culture

–Top ways to take ownership of protecting Christian values

–Much more…


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