New Vision Requires New Perspective

In the US as we begin to have thoughts about and make plans for a new year, it can be a very excited and intimidating time.

Considerations of new money and experiences can be tantalizing. The pure buzz about new possibilities can make you drunk with joy. On the other hand, we are often struck with questions like, “should I stay on the same path or choose a new direction?”

For many of the men and women I have spoken to over the past couple of months, they sense God is calling them to something new. For some it’s a new career path and for others it’s a new level of who they should become in order for God to use them to a fuller capacity.

Regardless of the “new” God may be calling you into, it is important you do not make the grave mistake I did in 2018 when the Lord was calling me to ministry! This mistake is an easy trap for anyone to fall into.

While the what God was calling me to was clear, the how was not clear. The sheer magnitude of the vision caused me to assume that it would not manifest right away and I would need to “do some stuff” in the meantime until the vision began to grow legs. So what did I do? I defaulted to what I knew and created a coaching business! 

I created online challenges, coaching programs, you name it. After all, I knew for sure how to start and grow that. The issue was it caused me to divert my attention and efforts away from the vision God so clearly laid out for me. 

When you are shifting into any new area of life it is easy to rely on old habits, talents, accomplishments and ways of thinking. Avoid this tendency like the plague! No matter how anxious you are to enter the next chapter of your life, do not try to bring the old into the new unless you know for sure that is what God is instructing you to do. 

Also be sure not to create something that is the opposite of the vision He gave you even if you are uncertain about how it will come to pass. I did this and it cost me greatly in time, energy and money.

Be sure to at least give God a version of the vision He gives you as you begin to make plans for the upcoming year.