Mentoring to Impact the World w/ Nancy Lindgren

Mentoring is a key component when mobilizing others to uphold and protect Christian values! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, Shayna Rattler and Nancy Lindgren delve into the concept of mentoring and discipling, sharing practical tips on how to mobilize others and mentor them to live more like Jesus. Nancy elaborates on the “Four Pillars of Mentoring” – love, listen, encourage, and prayer – and highlights the impact of these pillars in transformational relationships. She also offers valuable resources for those looking to further explore and implement mentoring in their lives. Tune in as they inspire and equip listeners to take action in upholding Christian values and making an impact in their communities.

We cover:

–Key ways to mobilize others to move a cause forward

–Real meaning of “make disciples”

Links and resources:

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