Media Impact on Youth Identity Crisis w/ Alexandra Boylan

Many of today’s youth are suffering from identity crisis and the media is playing a major role! In this episode of the “A God Shift” podcast, host Shayna Rattler engages in a deep and thought-provoking conversation with guest Alexandra Boylan. Together, they delve into the profound impact of media on children’s beliefs, especially in relation to identity and self-worth. Alexandra shares her concerns about the current societal shift in values and the challenges of creating faith-based media for young adults. The discussion delves into the importance of understanding one’s identity in a Christian context and the efforts to counter identity confusion through positive content creation. The episode also emphasizes the significance of maintaining a sound identity in a world that pulls people away from it and highlights practical ways for individuals and families to navigate the identity crisis. This insightful conversation tackles crucial topics and aims to inspire positive change in the face of societal challenges.

We cover:

–The true meaning of “identity in Christ”

–How to develop and maintain a sound identity

–Much more

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