Master Tough Conversations and Lead with Confidence w/ Alicia Michelle

Having conversations with people who have beliefs that differ from yours can be tough! Today, we have a thought-provoking conversation with Alicia Michelle, a certified neurochemical coach, certified professional life coach, speaker, Bible teacher, and author. Alicia empowers women with brain science and faith-based tools to break free from negative thought patterns, helping them find more peace and confidence. In this episode, Alicia and our host, Shayna Rattler, explore the importance of managing emotions, particularly for women leaders upholding Christian values. They delve into the impact of fear, the need for courage, and the importance of addressing subconscious patterns. Alicia also shares valuable insights on the practical strategies to navigate tough conversations and stand up for truth. So tune in for this insightful conversation that’s sure to equip and inspire you.

We cover:

–How to share Jesus and speak out without overthinking or feeling unqualified

–Two words in the Bible that describe fear and how it gets in the way of leading effectively and leaning into your calling

–Much more…

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