Instill Biblical Values in Children w/ LeeAnn Mancini

How can we raise the next generation to have an unshakeable faith in God as they navigate the challenging terrain of modern culture? In today’s episode, Shayna Rattler is joined by special guest Lee Ann Mancini, award-winning Christian children’s author, to discuss the critical importance of raising children to follow Christ in today’s world. The episode explores the pressing need to equip parents and church leaders with tools and strategies to instill biblical values in children. Lee Ann shares insights from her research and her new book, offering practical advice for nurturing faith in children from infancy through young adulthood. From the importance of modeling faith to engaging in meaningful conversations, this episode promises to empower listeners with the knowledge and resources to guide the next generation in embracing a strong Christian foundation. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion filled with invaluable insights and actionable takeaways.

We cover:

–Need to know statistics that demo the need to raise kids to follow Christ

–How to instill Christian values in your children, even at an older age

–How parents can become bold in their witness to their faith

–Much more…

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