Leading With Freedom In Christ w/ Jill Monaco

In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler is joined by guest Jill Monaco, founder and CEO of her own nonprofit and a passionate advocate for finding freedom in Christ. They delve into the importance of upholding Christian values in a world that seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Jill shares her insights on the connection between freedom in Christ and current world events, as well as the impact of childhood experiences and beliefs on our identities. They also discuss the critical role of freedom and healing for leaders and provide valuable tips for gaining a deeper sense of freedom. Whether you’re a leader seeking to uphold Christian values or someone on a journey to find freedom in Christ, this episode offers valuable wisdom and practical guidance.

We cover:

–The true definition of freedom in Christ

–How freedom is lost

–Who and what you need to gain freedom

–Much more…

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