Is Your Expertise Sponsorable?

It’s no secret that landing corporate sponsors is one of the most lucrative ways to infuse cash into your business. In recent years if corporations are going to say YES to a sponsorship opportunity they want you want you to come to the table offering more than access to an event.

Corporations desire to sponsor BRANDS–brands that have impact and influence in the marketplace. The best way to demonstrate your impact and influence is by highlighting your expertise. Here are 3 easy ways to shine as the expert in your field that gets potential corporate sponsors to sit up and pay attention:

  1. In your social media. The tips and strategies you share in your threads and groups is a great way to show how well you serve your target market. This is important because the primary reason a corporation will choose you as their partner is because you serve the target market they desire to reach.  When making a decision to choose you over the competition they will want to know that you are a viable solution in the marketplace.
  2. On your website. Be sure that your website is more than a static brochure that explains who you are and what products and services you offer. Your website should have content that is updated on a regular basis through blogs, videos, client testimonials, etc.
  3. 3rd Party Validation. Nothing is more powerful than when others share how great you are. Blogging for other experts and posting articles in online directories is another way to highlight your expertise and show potential sponsors that you’re not a best-kept secret.

I suggest you create a plan to produce 3 new pieces of content in your business in the next week. Consider offering to write for the Huffington Post….

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