From Chaos to Destiny w/ Gary Harpst

On this episode of A God Shift Podcast, we explore the power of our words and how they shape our lives. Our guest, Gary Hartz, founder of Lead and a renowned thought leader in management and leadership, joins us for an insightful conversation. We discuss the importance of aligning our words with our desires and the authority we have been given by God. Through renewing our minds and reminding ourselves of basic truths from scripture, we can navigate challenges and tap into our true potential. Gary also shares his journey of writing a book titled ‘Built to Beat Chaos: Leading yourself and leading others with biblical principles’, where he explores how chaos can be a purposeful part of our lives.

We cover:

–How to respond when our faith is tested

–How not to allow our emotions to drive our reactions

–#1 obstacle to healing emotionally

–The purpose in our problems

–Much more


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