From Burnout to Breakthrough w/ Tracy Miller

In this episode, host Shayna Rattler invites guest Tracy Mitchell to share her inspiring story of overcoming disruption and finding her true purpose. Tracy takes us on her journey of realization while sitting on the beaches of Costa Rica, when she finally recognized that she was far past the point of burnout in her career. This moment of quiet reflection led her to make drastic changes in her life and create the fulfilling life she was meant to live. Shayna and Tracy discuss the importance of taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally, and the power of finding stillness in a world filled with constant messages and distractions. Tune in to discover how Tracy’s disruption became her catalyst for positive change, and how you can navigate your own god shift moments to find greater possibilities and alignment with your purpose.

We cover:

–The danger of comfort

–What NOT to do in the morning

–Much more


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