Shayna Rattler | Founder of A God Shift

Shayna Transforms Christian Lives From The Page To The Platform

Shayna Rattler, the Founder of A God Shift, empowers believers to drive meaningful change in the world for the glory of God. She is passionate about helping others to manifest God’s image and likeness in the earth and to have dominion. She is on a mission to cultivate a powerful community of women leading in media and marketplace, equipping them to harness their influence and authority to uphold Christian values  and advance the purposes of God, plus guiding them to mobilize others to blaze the same trail. With her unique blend of wisdom, wit and humor, Shayna has a remarkable talent for making God’s word relatable, and her straightforward communication style transforms it into actionable steps.

Shayna has helped celebrities, influencers, military officers, political dignitaries, pastors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and corporations achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. She and her businesses have received multiple awards, she has published several books and has been featured in over 450 media outlets. Shayna is the award winning host of A God Shift Podcast and A God Shift with Shayna Rattler TV show.

She is a proud member of Christian Women in Media Association, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and Spark Media Collective.

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