The Deceptive Nature of Gender Dysphoria w/ Walt Heyer

Many people who undergo sex change surgery regret it! In this thought-provoking conversation, our host, Shayna Rattler, sits down with guest Walt Heyer to discuss the critical issue of gender dysphoria and the transgender phenomenon. They delve deep into the root causes of gender confusion and distress, shedding light on the impact of childhood trauma

The Intersection of Faith and Culture w/ Lauren Cooley

What is culture and how does Christianity impact it? In this episode, our host Shayna Rattler engages in a profound conversation with Lauren Cooley, an influential and outspoken advocate for integrating faith and politics. They delve into a crucial topic – how to define culture in the context of Christianity and the kingdom of God,

Media Impact on Youth Identity Crisis w/ Alexandra Boylan

Many of today’s youth are suffering from identity crisis and the media is playing a major role! In this episode of the “A God Shift” podcast, host Shayna Rattler engages in a deep and thought-provoking conversation with guest Alexandra Boylan. Together, they delve into the profound impact of media on children’s beliefs, especially in relation

Standing for Truth in the Face of Opposition w/ Robert Pacienza

The church has a role in recovering and restoring Christian values! In this episode of A God Shift, Pastor Robert Pacienza joins host Shayna Rattler to discuss the growing opposition to Christian values and the church’s role in countering it. They dive into the importance of developing a biblical worldview in children from an early

Upholding Christian Values in the Marketplace w/ Saundra Dalton-Smith

How do you thrive and find balance in the marketplace as Christian women leaders? In this episode of A God Shift, host Shayna Rattler welcomes Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, a board certified internal medicine physician and work-life integration researcher. Together, they explore how leaders can uphold Christian values and bridge the gap between the marketplace and

A Biblical Guide to Navigate Conflict w/ Donna Jones

Healthy conflict is possible! In this episode, Donna Jones joins host Shayna Rattler to discuss the art of managing conflict while upholding Christian values. Donna, a national speaker, church planter, and author, shares insights from her latest book, “Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life.” She emphasizes the importance of humility in conflict resolution and the need to

Shifting Perspective for World Impact w/ James Early

In order to see meaningful change in our chaotic world, a perspective shift is required! In this episode, our host Shayna Rattler has a thought-provoking conversation with Bible teacher James Early. They dive deep into the concept of the kingdom of heaven being at hand, discussing the implications it has on how we live as

A Practical Guide to Spiritual Weapons and Cultural Shifts w/ James Goll

Our culture is in a spiritual battle and we need to know how to fight! In this episode, host Shayna Rattler engages in a powerful conversation with guest James Goll about the erosion of Christian values in today’s world and the spiritual warfare at play. Together, they discuss practical applications for fighting this war and

Mentoring to Impact the World w/ Nancy Lindgren

Mentoring is a key component when mobilizing others to uphold and protect Christian values! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, Shayna Rattler and Nancy Lindgren delve into the concept of mentoring and discipling, sharing practical tips on how to mobilize others and mentor them to live more like Jesus. Nancy elaborates on the

Overcoming Darkness Through Spiritual Breakthrough w/ Destiny Yarbrough

Spiritual warfare is real and darkness must be destroyed and demolished in order to reach your destiny! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, Shayna Rattler and Destiny Yarbrough dive deep into the issue of polarization in our world and how it affects foundational Christian values. They discuss the rising trend of opposition to

Shaping the Future Through Faith and Politics w/ Bunni Pounds

Christians should absolutely be involved with politics! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, our host Shayna Rattler speaks with Bunni Pounds, the president and founder of Christians Engaged, about upholding Christian values and mobilizing others to do the same. The conversation delves into the importance of engaging in politics, the power of courage

Master Tough Conversations and Lead with Confidence w/ Alicia Michelle

Having conversations with people who have beliefs that differ from yours can be tough! Today, we have a thought-provoking conversation with Alicia Michelle, a certified neurochemical coach, certified professional life coach, speaker, Bible teacher, and author. Alicia empowers women with brain science and faith-based tools to break free from negative thought patterns, helping them find

Instill Biblical Values in Children w/ LeeAnn Mancini

How can we raise the next generation to have an unshakeable faith in God as they navigate the challenging terrain of modern culture? In today’s episode, Shayna Rattler is joined by special guest Lee Ann Mancini, award-winning Christian children’s author, to discuss the critical importance of raising children to follow Christ in today’s world. The

Defend Your God-Given Rights w/ Patrick Bohan

Church and state is being applied wrong in American society! In this episode, host Shayna Rattler engages in a thought-provoking conversation with guest Patrick Bohan, a congressional candidate and advocate for constitutional rights. The discussion delves into the misconceptions surrounding the separation of church and state, the importance of protecting God-given fundamental rights, and the

Protect Yourself From Deception

Spirituality is deceiving many Christians! In this solo episode, Shayna dives into the timely topic of deception and its impact on our world today. She emphasizes the importance of upholding foundational Christian values and shares strategies for protecting ourselves from deception. Drawing from biblical teachings and contemporary research, Shayna uncovers the root causes of deception

The Truth About Abortion and Christianity w/ Dr Ingrid Skop

Half of the women receiving abortions are Christians! In this episode of A God Shift, Shayna sits down with special guest Dr. Ingrid Skop, a prominent figure in the pro-life movement. The discussion dives deep into the challenging topic of abortion, offering a scientific, human rights, and spiritual perspective on the matter. Dr. Skop shares

Cultivating Bravery and Courage as a Woman Leader w/ Dawn Damon

Leadership requires bravery! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler engages in an empowering conversation with guest Dawn Damon, a speaker, pastor, coach, and best-selling author. The episode delves into the theme of bravery and courage, particularly for women leaders upholding Christian values in today’s challenging times. Dawn shares her insights

Protecting Christian Values at the Polls w/ Debbie Wuthnow

In this special episode, host Shayna Rattler is joined by guest Debbie Wuthnow, the president of iVoterGuide, to discuss the importance of upholding Christian values in the political landscape. The conversation delves into the significance of the ongoing presidential election year and the influence it holds for Christians. Debbie sheds light on the role of

Leading With Freedom In Christ w/ Jill Monaco

In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler is joined by guest Jill Monaco, founder and CEO of her own nonprofit and a passionate advocate for finding freedom in Christ. They delve into the importance of upholding Christian values in a world that seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

Politics, Values, and Cultural Clash w/ Jordan Wells

In this powerful episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler is joined by prophetic voice, ministry leader, and political figure, Jordan Wells. Together, they delve deep into the patterns of God raising prophets to speak to religious and political leaders. Throughout the conversation, Wells emphasizes the need to detox from cultural influences and