Do THIS to be chosen by your ideal corporate client

Do you often feel like trying to get business with a big company is just not worth it? Are you getting your toes smashed more often than getting your foot in the door?

If done properly, landing big companies as clients can be relatively simple. AND it does not require a complicated marketing plan to do so. Here is the REAL challenge you’re facing–your business is not unique! 

Sorry, I’m not trying to be harsh (and trust me, I know your business is your baby). In order to stand out from the competition and be chosen it is critical that you show how your business or offerings is unique from what is already in the marketplace. Your job is to prove to your potential client that they need you and why.

Know your niche and remember everyone does NOT need what you sell. Build your special universe and take care of it better than anyone else. Your end goal is to clearly articulate why your prospective client should choose you over another supplier. How can you be the one waving a red flag in the room full of people waving blue flags? In other words, how can people find you in a world where everyone offers great savings, super value, service with a smile, open 24/7, and deliver overnight?

Here are a few questions to consider when defining your Unique Value Proposition and developing marketing messages that will appeal to the companies you plan to approach:

  1. Do you have a highly specialized product or service that few companies offer?
  2. Can you offer a smaller or less expensive version of a particular product or service?
  3. Can you offer a fancier or more expensive version of a particular product or service?
  4. Do you have strong technological and administrative capabilities that prove your ability to work efficiently with a large corporate buyer?
  5. Are you able to complete the sentence “we are the only one who _______”?

Many companies value and leverage the unique values that small businesses provide such as responsiveness, creativity, innovation, flexibility, service, customization, and quality. If you recognize that you’re not proud of your answers to the above questions, now is the time to make adjustments. Consider obtaining support and guidance to get help with this if necessary.

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, reach out to potential companies until you’re crystal clear on how you’re different. If you do, you’re in for more smashed toes….


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