Cultivating Wealth and Impact to Transform Communities and Nations w/ Leanne Goff

In today’s episode, guest Leanne Goff, a passionate leader who empowers God’s people and leads ministry teams with a focus on building financial resources to transform communities and nations, Jons us for an impactful conversation about how we transform cultures. She challenges the perception that money is inherently evil and discusses the need for financial blessings to expand God’s kingdom on earth. Join us as Leanne emphasizes the importance of balancing the roles of priest and king, learning the rhythm of business and ministry, and integrating the two worlds to be impactful in leadership. Together, we’ll explore the concept of mobilizing leaders to blend priesthood with kingship, creating a paradigm shift from upside down to right side up, and the significance of increasing finances to have a greater influence. Stay tuned as we delve into thought-provoking discussions on stewardship, wealth cultivation, and the crucial role of money in making a significant impact.

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