Cultivating Bravery and Courage as a Woman Leader w/ Dawn Damon

Leadership requires bravery! In this episode of A God Shift Podcast, host Shayna Rattler engages in an empowering conversation with guest Dawn Damon, a speaker, pastor, coach, and best-selling author. The episode delves into the theme of bravery and courage, particularly for women leaders upholding Christian values in today’s challenging times. Dawn shares her insights on what it means to be a bravehearted woman, discussing the importance of authenticity, purpose, and resilience. She highlights the significance of truth-telling, virtuous talk, and excellent habits in cultivating bravery. Moreover, Dawn introduces her latest book, “The Making of a Bravehearted Woman,” and offers practical tips for embracing bravery in one’s life. Tune in to gain valuable encouragement and inspiration for stepping into your God-given uniqueness and living courageously.

We cover:

–How to find and use your voice

–The #1 trait necessary to lead bravely

–The steps to adopting a brave mindset

–Much more…

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