Corporate Sponsors Are Worth More Than A Check

There are many benefits to co-branding with corporate sponsors. Obviously checks are cool but they can also give your brand more impact and influence in the marketplace.  This blog is all about the 3 different kinds of sponsors and what each can mean to your business.

  1. Monetary Sponsors. Monetary sponsorship is the traditional “check in exchange for access model” that most of us think of when we think about sponsors.  This type of sponsorship allows us to produce the events and programs we desire in our business by providing the cash flow to do so.
  2. Inkind Sponsors.  Inkind sponsors don’t cut you checks but they give you things like products, services, etc that you don’t have to pay for, which is as good as a check because that means you don’t have to write your own checks for the items your unkind sponsor is providing.
  3. Media Sponsors. Media sponsors will give you free exposure on their media platforms. This is important for two reasons–one, the more exposure your brand has, the more potential clients and customers will know you exist, and two, leveraging your appearance on these platforms makes it easier to get bigger brands to agree to be your sponsors in the future.  It also helps you booked for more media appearances.

What combination of sponsors does your brand need to meet it’s goals and objectives?

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