Where Do Corporate Sponsors Hang Out?

If you want catfish, you need to be fishing in rivers and lakes, not oceans.  The same goes for meeting folks inside of corporations.  If you want sponsors, you need to be fishing where they swim. The places you’ve likely been networking is only putting you in front of other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you’re accustomed to networking at BNI, Meetups, etc. then don’t be shocked when you’re not rubbing elbows with decision makers at big companies!  In order to land your first corporate sponsor you must begin to build relationships with them—EVEN IF you don’t feel like you’re quite ready to ask them to invest in your brand.

Here are some places you need to show up:

  • Events hosted by your local Business Journal
  • Charity events
  • Association and organization events
  • Events that corporations are sponsoring

Here’s a super tip–even if you cannot register for the event as an attendee, what keeps you from hanging out in the restaurant, bar, or lobby? It’s called conference stalking and I’m pretty good at it. I’ve also developed some great relationships with folks I may not have otherwise been able to access it.


YOUR HOMEWORK:  Research 3 events you can attend in the next 30-60 days. Post below where you plan to go.

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