Breaking the Cycle: Conquer Dysfunction and Find Growth w/ Carolyn Rice

On this episode of A God Shift podcast, host Shayna Rattler is joined by Carolyn Rice, a ministry leader with a passion for empowering women through the word of God. Together, they explore how dysfunctions in our lives can align with God’s purpose and ultimately lead to growth. Carolyn shares her own journey of overcoming dysfunction and unhealthy environments, shedding light on why people often find themselves trapped in negative situations. The speakers also discuss the importance of spiritual education for children and the dangers of certain spiritual practices. Tune in for a powerful conversation on how to overcome adversity and draw nearer to Christ.

We cover:

1. Overcoming adversity through God’s guidance.

2. Recognizing and breaking patterns of dysfunction, especially those that are hidden.

3. Importance of spiritual education for children.

4. Dangers of false spiritual practices that are becoming increasingly popular.

5. Choosing the right community for growth.

6. Deliverance from deep-seated spiritual strongholds.

7. Mental health and healing through faith.

–Much more


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