Are You Detouring Away From Your Destiny?

If you are baking a cake and add all of the right ingredients but do not follow the instructions for the correct cooking temperature, your cake will not turn out the way you plan. The same principle applies to reaching your destiny.  It’s not enough to focus on the things to do to chase destiny. You must also be aware of the common pitfalls that can prevent you from getting there.

Everyone has limiting beliefs and behaviors that can sabotage where they want to go. I refer to these self-sabotaging habits as Destiny Detours. There are many, but let’s discuss the most common ones that can block your progress even with the best of intentions…

Destiny Detour #1–You would rather wait. Many people, despite our intentions and what we claim, are not serious about changing. We are more committed to waiting. We talk about changing and we pray about changing, but that is where we stop. We are not DOING anything about it. 

The best intentions, prayers, and affirmations without action will not move you forward. What can you do NOW with what you already know and have access to? Great, now do it!

Destiny Detour #2–You are looking for something comfortable and predictable. Reaching destiny will not be predictable and I can almost guarantee you it will not be comfortable. If it were, you would have already found yourself in a different place. Shifting successfully requires you to get comfortable being uncomfortable and to move your feet even if you do not know exactly where you are going or how you will get there.

Destiny Detour #3–You have dressed fear up as faith. I often hear people say month after month what they are considering doing or what they desire in life, but when asked what their plans are for accomplishing what they want, they state they are praying about it. I am not suggesting you do not pray, but do not let that be your excuse for not taking action. Fear is staying stuck when you don’t have all the answers, while faith is moving forward even when you can’t see the way…

Destiny Detour #4–You’ve invested a lot to get “here.” When you have invested a significant amount of time and/or money in your current profession, relationship, or physical stuff, it increases the difficulty to walk away from it even if the place you’re being led to is full of promise. You must stop holding onto these tokens of the past because they will distract you from your destiny and make it virtually impossible to embrace the new, purpose filled place that awaits you. 

Every Destiny Detour is disguised as some form of fear or inadequacy and they affect the best of us. Do not get in your own way and let the above obstacles keep you where you are now. Along your path if you suspect you’re not gaining the traction you expect, more than likely one of the above culprits is why nothing is changing. 

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