A Compassionate Approach to Addressing LGBTQ Identity w/ Melinda Patrick

In this episode, host Shayna Rattler has an enlightening conversation with guest Melinda Patrick, an expert in ministering to families with LGBTQ identified children. Together, they delve into the challenges faced by parents and loved ones, the impact of the church’s response to LGBTQ issues, and the importance of balancing grace and truth in conversations. Melinda shares valuable insights, practical tips, and powerful personal experiences to equip listeners in addressing these sensitive topics with empathy and understanding. Tune in to gain fresh perspectives and practical wisdom as we navigate the complexities of loving and supporting LGBTQ individuals from a Christian reference point.

We cover:

–When to know when NOT to speak the truth

–The #1 ingredient needed to reach your child

–The top Bible scriptures to reference for the relevant Biblical perspective on the topic of LGBTG

–Much more…


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