A God Shift is…

The moment a disruption in your life collides with God’s purpose, 

and moves you into new dimensions of possibility. 

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Why You Need A God Shift

Your life is full of setbacks, disappointments, and uncertainties.

God uses these unexpected circumstances as a means to get your attention and draw you into greater possibility, but most believers are ill-equipped to properly understand or respond appropriately to the disruptions God allows to happen in their life, so it becomes the tool He intended to move their lives forward, rather than keep them stuck. 

They also fall into the trap of solely relying on the prayers of others or waiting idly on God for their situation to change, when in fact they have the authority to partner with God to create the life He promises and they desire. 

Another dimension of destiny awaits you, but a God shift is required to reveal it and live it. 

Everyday you do not access the wisdom and information you need is a day delayed to answer the amazing life that is calling. The world needs God’s best version of you, on the right path, now!  As a result your life improves and you will improve the life of others. 

If you have been waiting and wading through confusion and frustration, your prayers have been answered. But it’s time to take action…

It’s time to overcome and put your God shift in motion!

What You Can Expect From A God Shift Movement...

We offer actionable and relevant messages through live events, podcast episodes, social media content, books, and other forms of media that will enrich your life.  

We are a community committed to providing you with the tools and resources needed to overcome adversity, fully experience God’s power, and manifest your full potential. 

Are you ready for your God Shift ?

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